Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy – a couple of (*yikes!*) clarifications from the author…


Hello. I’m Snorre, from Norway (yeah, it’s really a name from where I come).

These days (October 2017) I’ve had published the book Max Linder: Father of Film Comedy through the superb publisher BearManor Media. As the title suggests, it’s a biography on the largely forgotten but brilliant film comedian Max Linder (1883-1925), widely regarded as the first comedy superstar.

As (I’d think) any author, since the book’s publication this week I’ve discovered a couple of errors – which bug me enough that I wish to have them pointed out.


On p. 7, last sentence, I write that Max Linder, whose real name was Gabriel Leuvielle, ”seems to have taken on his [fictional] surname while still a youngster.” What I should’ve said here, however, was that he took on his fictional ”forename” (”Max,” that is) while still a youngster… ”Linder” came later. I have no good excuse as to how this error went unnoticed through all my readings of the manuscript, but hopefully readers will understand what I meant to say, by re-reading the sentence a time or two (darn!). EDIT, 10-31-17: Thankfully, this error has now been corrected for all future prints of the book, softcover and hardcover. Apologies to readers who already bought the book, but I assure you that, apart from that one change of word, it’s the exact same book! Again, this was my (the author’s) fault all along.


On p. 20, I describe Charles Pathé, founder of the famous Pathé film studio where Max Linder worked for most of his film career, as ”thirty-seven years old” in 1894; he was, in fact, thirty-one at that point. Again, an embarrassing error which I finally did notice, but alas, too late.

These two things aside, however, I believe I’ve managed to catch most errors of this nature in the book. I hope that readers will bear with me, and find the book interesting regardless!


Snorre S.M.

The book is available through BearManor Media’s website.